XBS Group

The main focus of XBS has always been to find and design customised innovative solutions, which would also be applicable to all industries.

Go Business

At Go Business, We aim to provide our Accounting & Business service offerings at a competitive price with superior expertise and execution.

Go Cloud IT

Web design, graphic design as well as photography and videography services in Pretoria East. Contact Go Cloud today.

Envirolite Concrete

Our focus and drive is to produce lightweight concrete products of the highest standard using only recycled polystyrene aggregate.

Go Rugby Bar

Gather your friends and family and make the Go Rugby Bar your go-to spot for sports excitement, no matter the day.

Sally Slimming Studio

Sally Slimming Studio offers a variety of slimming and beauty treatments.

XBS Logistics

XBS Logistics specialises in road freight transportation services for clients who require the safe and efficient movement of goods and materials both

Retro Fitness

We go above and beyond to help you achieve your fitness and health objectives with a wide range of services and amenities.


With Log-Chain, you'll enjoy convenient access hours, allowing you to retrieve or add items to your storage unit whenever it suits your schedule

XBS Global

XBS Global excels in group reorganisation transactions, including company formations, mergers, unbundling transactions, liquidations