Western Cape Road-trip | Day 6 & 7 | Bontebok

Bontebok Nature Reserve – Swellendam Finally a chill day! No rushing to pack up our camp site, no driving on dirt roads for hours (although this is very fun, it’s nice to take a break). And it was BOILING hot! Linda, Olivia and I spent most of our time in the shade of Wayne and Kristin’s wrap around awning. Man, that thing is lekker. I am very jealous. I was also very jealous of everyone’s fridges… I would do bad things for an ice cold beer today…

We also get to swim in the river again. It was super refreshing. Now that we have checked out the site, the stands near the river don’t seem like such a bad idea. Especially on a day like today. However, I’m not convinced that the benefit outweighs the fact that EVERYONE is walking past your stand to come to the river. We were super lucky with our stands.

I tried fixing my fridge again. The though of cold beer was overwhelming. I replaced a blown fuse in the fridge with a new one that I bought for super cheap from a  Chinese electronics store in Swellendam. What could go wrong? Ah… I guess flames inside the power supply unit is not a good thing… There is no hope now of getting this fridge fixed today. This will be a bridge that I will cross another day…

I did muster some energy to look for some birds. I also got Liam interested in doing some bird-watching. However, in the heat of the afternoon sun, and from the patch of shade I had, I was only able to spot a bokmakierie and a sugarbird. Although not a bird, we also found a Bontebok that came wondering through the campsite checking everyone out.

And so our epic road trip comes to an end. What a lekker way to end the year. Linda, Olivia and I are heading straight back to Paarl to offload our car, then repack it with fresh clothing and a tent without a big hole in the top. And it is straight off onto the next adventure at Koningskop campsite for 3 nights with Zelni and Andrew. If doing a 7 day off-road trip is the best way to end a year, then  a 3 night camping trip in the Cederberg mountains is certainly the best way to start a year.

We are looking forward to an action-packed 2023 with GO Adventure finally coming online for real this time and making decent sales, expanding the company, growing a child, camping trips with Dirty South Adventures and our end-of-year adventure to Amsterdam and London.