A South African living in the UK

What my husband literally said to me the other day; “You can take me out of South Africa but you cannot take the South African out of me.” As grateful as we are to have had the opportunity to immigrate and to set up our new lives living here in England, we will not be […]

Travelling with a friend

Have you ever been on a road trip with your best friend? I mean a proper road trip, not just a quick weekend away. Over the past 6 months I’ve been on the most incredible adventure with my best friend. Even though I felt like there’s nothing I don’t know about him, this road trip […]

Travelling abroad with a mental illness

Why is this not a topic that’s discussed more often? Mental health has definitely become a bigger topic than it used to be, however we still don’t really talk about it as often as we do about other disabilities. Do you want to know what question gets me every time? “How can you feel depressed […]

Travelling abroad with a child

Travelling abroad in itself requires a lot of energy and patience, and when you factor in a child, it requires a whole lot more plus a couple glasses of complementary aeroplane wine courtesy of that good old drinks trolly. Let’s take a moment to thank the person who thought of placing TV’s on the back […]

Car hire is easy to book with go adventure

Thrilling Travelling with Car Hire is Easy to Book with Go Adventure Being immersed in travel, Go Adventure can offer intrepid explorers, thrill-seeking adventure enthusiasts and subdued laid-back relaxers flight and accommodation packages to suit your individual requirements. Going one step further, we also offer the option of car hire giving you the freedom to […]